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Peglidis Vineyard

Bunny and Yvonne Peglidis first layed the seeds of their vineyard in 1970. Certainly, by any measure, this makes the Peglidis vineyard a fully mature site.

Over the course of its history Peglidis vineyard has been managed by adopting old-school farming techniques and minimal inputs onto the land to ensure optimal vine health. It's always been dry grown, hand pruned by Bunny, rod tied by Yvonne, and hand picked by friends. It's a truly special site that grows truly special Riesling.
With its chocolate loam over limestone, the soil has great water holding capacity which ensures healthy vine canopy as fruit protection. This all makes for excellent condition, healthy grapes. 
From this vineyard, I create my Peglidis Rieslings, Melva, Pazza and 5452 - as well as a cheeky parcel of Shiraz which finds its way into my 5452 red blend. The variation in soil type between the distinct blocks allow for similarly distinct wines to be created. This allows me the unique opportunity to celebrate each individual patch and the enduring dedication of my dear friends, Bunny and Yvonne.