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About KT

I've been living and making wine in the Clare Valley district since 1998. It's safe to say that I love the region! After eight years of managing the historic Leasingham Wines in the Clare Valley, I took what I had learned and loved about winemaking and established my very own label, Wines by KT. Specialising in my first-love, Riesling, and inspired by this uniquely beautiful part of the world, I'm working to create wines that express spirit of place and enjoyment.

Her First Love


Compared to other Australian wine regions, Clare Valley is small, accounting for only 21,500 tonnes of grapes each year, yet our wines can be found on restaurant wine lists – and in private cellars – around the world. Much of the acclaim is for our beloved Clare Valley Riesling and I've made a career celebrating this inspiring variety and all of its wondrous diversity. Riesling is a variety that is a true reflection of the special place that it’s grown -  a reflection of it's postcode - and it was this reason why I created my label series called 5452. Colder nights, elevated sites, and ideal slate and stone soil types all contribute to the Clare Valley’s success with this aromatic white variety. I love Riesling in all of its different shapes and sizes from across the world but am particularly drawn to the Watervale area of the Clare Valley for its relationship between fruit weight and concentration, tightly coiled tension and the power in its elegance. It should never be underestimated.


The Region

The focus of Wines by KT is creating individual vineyard wines from sustainably cared for vineyards in the Watervale region and surrounds of the Clare Valley. I love working with like minded passionate people who celebrate the special part of the world that they grow grapes.


The Vineyards

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great local families over the years - Peglidis, Castine, Koerner and Pearson just to name a few - many of which have been busy growing grapes for decades. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of all our winegrowing families - I look forward to building these relationships into the future.


Brendan Pudney

Clare Valley local Brendan Pudney is Wines by KT Production Manager and with close to two decades experience he is a very welcome and hardworking inclusion to Team KT. 


Petrie McCabe

Auburn local Petrie McCabe is often around to greet you with a smile when visiting cellar door. She grows Cabernet in the Clare Valley and makes her own wine too so her hands on knowledge is a truly great asset to the team at Wines by KT.