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The word Pazzo means CRAZY in Italian and my Pazzo red is a low sulphur red blend perfect for those with sensitivities. A field blend of shiraz and cabernet sauvignon predominantly but also including tempranillo, grenache and riesling - it's a blend 2020 and 2021 vintages. Pazzo shares the best of different seasons and is a crazy good drink. But don't be intimidated - this low sulphur red wine is no fuss easy drinking.

Sourced from various Watervale vineyards, it is made to enjoy now. 

Flavour Profile


These Watervale vineyards have a rich red loam soil overlying slate and the dry grown vines are shoot thinned, hand pruned, and handpicked to ensure the best possible fruit selection each season.

Winemaker: Kerri Thompson
Grapegrowers: Various
Vineyards: Various
Winemaking: No Sulphur, wild fermented and unfiltered, no enzymes, fining or filtration used in the production of this wine. VEGAN friendly.
Alcohol = 13.5%
pH =   3.71
TA =   5.6 g/L

About Wines By KT

Wines by KT are small, lovingly cared for parcels of fruit that have traditional techniques used in their creation. I’m passionate about the township of Watervale 5452 and am working with dry grown, sustainably farmed vineyards in the area. With gentle care from grapegrower to winemaker, working with sustainable principles, it’s my intention to produce wines with drinkability and personality.