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Melva Riesling Gin

Melva Riesling Gin


Partnering with our friends at Blend Etiquette we double-distilled some Melva by KT Watervale Riesling from barrel along with botanicals including juniper, locally grown quince and mandarin. The fragrance, exotic perfume and slippery texture of Melva Watervale Riesling is translated into our delicious gin.

Only 500 bottles were produced.
42% ALC/VOL.

Flavour Profile

The Peglidis vineyard has been carefully tended by the same custodians for the last forty-nine years and is an important wine growing source for wines by KT. 

With its chocolate loam soil over limestone, the soil has great water holding capacity to ensure a healthy vine canopy as fruit protection. This all makes for grapes in excellent condition and health.

Winemaker: Kerri Thompson
Grapegrower: B & Y Peglidis
Single Vineyard: Peglidis Vineyard
Planted: 1970
Farming: dry grown
No acid, enzymes, fining or filtration used in the production of this wine. VEGAN friendly.

About Wines By KT

Wines by KT are small, lovingly cared for parcels of fruit that have traditional techniques used in their creation. I’m passionate about the township of Watervale 5452 and am working with dry grown, sustainably farmed vineyards in the area. With gentle care from grapegrower to winemaker, working with sustainable principles, it’s my intention to produce wines with drinkability and personality.