Vintage 2011: One for the record books..not one for the fainthearted…

Posted by Kerri on June 3 2011 in: Bastian Vineyard: Churinga Vineyard: Peglidis Vineyard: Vintage 2011: Viticulture: Wine Education

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Water... we complain when we don’t have enough of it... and we complain when we have too much.

Just as drought conditions present difficulties for winegrowers, excessive rainfall over the harvest period brings with it a completely new set of challenges and this vintage was a true test of character and judgement.

Rain, hail or sunshine I always hand–harvest my vineyards to make sure only the best bunches are picked, but with rain causing berry split and botrytis bunch rot issues this season, it was even more important to select vine to vine and then bunch by bunch. In fact one bunch in three was left on the vine or dropped to the ground. I’m so grateful to my growers and the picking crew for their extra care this season.

The juice from the clean fruit after pressing was in pristine condition and showed mouthwatering natural acidity. Now that the wines have finished fermentation they have retained all of the grapes freshness and delicate flavour of the juice. Our hard work and careful handling have produced great reward and I’m super excited about my new creations.

Red wine growing also presented its challenges and to be honest shiraz is probably not as exciting as the previous three vintages but there’s plenty of great material for my 5452 blend. Unexpectedly, given the vintage conditions, I also picked some deliciously spicy monastrell which will also be an exciting component.

Harvested early in the season a real highlight is my Bastian Vineyard tempranillo showing lots of vibrant fruit for rosa and savoury concentration for 5452. Keep an eye out for a new wine baby of mine which will be released later in the year - an unoaked tempranillo. Hasta luego amigos.

So in celebration of red winemaking, Winter and all things warm and comforting, I’m offering my mailing list wine family members a special six pack to enjoy in front of the fire.

winter by KT is a special six pack
2009 current release reds
5452 by KT x 4 bottles Churinga Shiraz + Churinga Cabernet $160.00 + delivery

Thanks everyone for your support. Maybe I’ll see you all out pruning...?
Cheers, KT xx
PS - my new website is not far away.. & I mean it this time!