‘Tis the season to be jolly & it’s shaping up to be a cracker…

Posted by Kerri on November 28 2011 in: Bastian Vineyard: Specials & New Release Wines: Tempranillo: Vintage 2012: Viticulture: Wine Education

Welcome to eKT
Just when everyone is starting to plan holidays, festive menus and what to pack in the esky; my dear grapegrowers are tending to my precious grape resource out in the vineyards that are growing at a rate of knots. After dodging the hail recently, the weather in Watervale has been perfect for winegrowing with soaking rains being followed by fine, sunny days... and this means the vine shoot growth is keeping us busy controlling their canopies to ensure good air flow and dappled light exposure on the precious bunches.

Years ago in my previous life as manager of Leasingham Wines I was a part of some exciting research with the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) involving the production of tannin and other phenolic compounds. Simply put, tannin in wine is responsible for the textural qualities of astringency and are predominantly contained within the seeds and skins of the berries. This is why the process of red fermentation on skins is so important because at this stage of winemaking we can change and optimise the character and structure of our wines. Timing, temperature and technique are all critical.

One of my important learnings from working with the tannin team was that when it comes to producing tannin - the vines are working at it now. If we want that tannin to be high in quantity and strong in composition, then we have to put the work in now before the berries go through the process of veraison - when they start to colour and accumulate sugar. This is generally when we all want to take holidays... Dammit!

So to make sure that vintage 2012 is the best we can make it - it looks like this season we’ll all be jolly out in the vineyards...

My birthday this year (December 21st) will be (partly) celebrated with the bottling of a new wine, tinta by KT, an early (and easy) drinking tempranillo made in a style the Spanish call ‘Joven’ (lit. youthful). It was made with beautiful grapes (see below) grown at the Bastian vineyard...I’m thinking that with it leading up to another important birthday at Christmas it can only be a good sign. For those of you who have been patient and placed orders already it’s not far away... Here’s a cheeky glimpse of the new label...

Finally folks, in celebration of Christmas... and to make sure your esky is full of cheer by KT this festive season, I’m offering a special six pack for you...

christmas by KT special six pack
2010 rizza by KT x 2 bottles + 2011 rosa by KT x 2 bottles + 2009 5452 by KT x 2 bottles 

christmas by KT is a special six pack
$117.00 + delivery.

One thing about running my business as a one gal band you realise just how much you rely on many other important people to help make wines by KT happen. The love and
support from you all is much appreciated and over these holidays I’ll be celebrating another wonderful year and making plans to make 2012 even stronger.
To everyone who has dropped by in Watervale or come along to my tastings across the country I’m so grateful... I do hope you get to enjoy some of my wine babies over the holidays so we can celebrate them together.
Thanks so much to all of you for being a part of my life and supporting my wines. Wishing you all a safe and happy festive season... and a cracker vintage in 2012! KT xxx

PS - Dear Father Christmas... a delivery bloke that can lift heavy things this year would be great.. cheers...