Springtime: The time for Riesling to flourish…

Posted by Kerri on September 1 2012 in: Churinga Vineyard: Peglidis Vineyard: Riesling: Specials & New Release Wines: Stockists: Vintage 2012: Wine Education

G’day folks...as much as I love to feel the different seasons, it’s time to shake off the winter chills and some welcome Spring sunshine brings with it the release of my new 2012 Rieslings;

Peglidis vineyard
Churinga vineyard
melva by KT
5452 by KT (a blend of both vineyards).

The 2012 harvest has been widely celebrated across the country affording winegrowers a great balance of crop, fruit health and intensity and it’s with much pleasure that I release my four new Rieslings with all the confidence that a strong vintage brings. Our season has certainly created wines that are full of fruit concentration and the Rieslings are balanced with a soft and juicy salivating acidity. I have every faith they will be long lived in the cellar - if of course you have the patience to hang onto them!

From 2012, Peglidis vineyard is typically fine and delicately floral with the firm tension that it often shows, whilst Churinga vineyard the more obviously citrus flavoured of the two, has solid fruit weight and concentration. 5452 by KT is the artist formerly known as Rizza (!) and has enjoyed a slight packaging change with the new release. This is the first time I’ve blended my two Riesling vineyards and love the punchy fruit flavour the special patches of dirt bring together. melva by KT is my wild fermented Riesling created from Peglidis Vineyard fruit that spends three months in ten year old barriques. This is a style of Riesling I really enjoy creating and just love to drink with all of its slippery textural quality.

I’ve recently returned from a successful promotional trip in Sydney where I held tastings and a dinner to showcase these new wines. Thanks to many of you who came along in support and for your wonderful feedback. I’m very proud to say that along with my 2008 aged release Peglidis Riesling, I am one of few producers across the country that have five different Rieslings currently available in my portfolio. I really am totally in love with it!

For those of you who are keen to taste through these new releases I’m excited to tell you that my Spring release tasting will be held in Watervale on the Sunday 30th September of the long weekend. Bring your friends and family and come along for lunch and a game of bowls whilst enjoying a cheeky glass of Riesling at the Watervale Bowls Club. I think we’ll have some fun...
Look forward to seeing you there... Cheers, KT x