NEW 2020 Riesling releases for SPRING….

Posted by Kerri on September 1 2020 in: Churinga Vineyard: Peglidis Vineyard: Riesling: Specials & New Release Wines: Stockists: Wine Education

Hiya folks.... thanks very much to those Club KT members who were quick to order the recent pre release newsletter offers. The new 2020 Rieslings are now all released and they are delicious and all now available through the website... 

​The yeasts had barely started turning grape juice into riesling this vintage when a less agreeable microorganism took over: we all know what that is. It was a strange feeling looking after ferments as we all moved into an environment of social isolation.

Winemakers across the country had to shut our cellar doors, but ever sadder for me was the lockdown of the restaurants, bars and hotels that have supported wines by KT over the years.And the knock-on effect this had for all the distributors that have supported me likewise.
Fortunately we were allowed to proceed with vintage observing all the appropriate health and safety measures of our time.And thank you to everyone out there reading this for continuing to support me via direct sales through this difficult period our lives. It is still even hard for many of my friends and colleagues now: so much love, respect, and support to them.

The other big news this year was the lowest grape yields I’ve experienced in the twenty-one consecutive vintages I’ve enjoyed Clare. Despite the difficult season the good news is that the wines taste delicious! As is often the case in drier and smaller cropping seasons it means that the concentration and flavour is very high. Rieslings have a concentrated core of fresh fruit with juicy acidity and the reds are plush with great, mouth-coating tannins.

Twenty-twenty also marks the departure of Churinga Vineyard Riesling from the KT family of vineyards following its sale last year. But I also welcome new relationships with other local wine growing families: Rose and Kim Castine, Jim Pearson, Grant Carr, and Peter Clarke. Some of these are younger sites, some are older, but they are all going to play an important role within the KT portfolio ongoing.
Another important welcome is for Brendan Pudney who joined wines by KT as my right and left hand man. BP and I worked closely together at Crabtree for many years, before he departed for Heathcote Winery in Victoria. I was overjoyed when he, Michelle, and his family decided they wanted to return home, to the beautiful Clare Valley.
It is no overstatement for me to say that the twenty- twenty is a vintage like no other. Stay safe everyone.
Cheers, KT x