eKT29 Fabulous Fermentation…

Posted by Kerri on March 26 2020 in: Churinga Vineyard: Peglidis Vineyard: Riesling: Specials & New Release Wines: Stockists: Viticulture: Wine Education

eKT Fabulous Fermentation...

"...humans did not invent or create fermentation; it would be more accurate to state that fermentation created us..." writes Sandor Ellix Katz in his epic treatise, The Art of Fermentation. It is an uplifting text: a paean to all the wonderful bugs that can do us great good. An inspiring work that implores us to conserve what nature gives us rather than exploit it.

Nature has been rather reluctant in what it has yielded this grape harvest in the Clare Valley. But what it has given up in terms of quantity, it has more than compensated for in quality. This year I am dealing with the grapes of several new and different vineyards; new to me that is, as most have been established for many decades.
So there has been an extra excitement waiting for these new babies to gurgle into fermentative life and give up the first hints of what they are all about as they begin to become wine. In the smell of the cellar in full-ferment you experience the energy of life at its most spontaneous and you get further indications of the flavours of the future.
You do, of course, begin to understand what a wine may become when tasting grapes in the vineyard and at the juice stage after they have been crushed or pressed. This is especially so of my rieslings which are held on fine lees for some weeks before they're allowed to follow a temperature controlled path through fermentation.
Juices that tasted especially thrilling this year was the middle block of Peglidis, which should come as no surprise to those who've loved this wine over the vintages. (I've now worked with Bunny and Yvonne in one of Watervale riesling's special places for fifteen years).
The 2019 Peglidis Watervale riesling incidentally is getting better with every extra month in bottle, but it is also drinking beautifully at present. Two thousand and nineteen is a riesling vintage where the wines are delicious to drink young, but will also have the capacity to age exceptionally and evolve classic Clare candied lime and toasty buttered sourdough.
New vineyard rieslings now ticking along nicely in tank this vintage include ones from Walker Stanway Scott property in Watervale which will form a core component of the 5452 blend, and also looking especially intriguing is the co-fermentation of (predominantly) Grant Carr's block in Leasingham and Jim Pearson's in Penwortham. It is already showing the richness of the Leasingham majority, but also the beautiful perfume of Penwortham, which is one of the coolest parts of Clare.
Melva meanwhile, which is my wild yeast, barrel fermented riesling, has already gone through fermentation and is now ready to be blended back together. Typically the crazy wild yeasty creatures managed to contribute something different to almost every barrel.
So let's hear it for all the wonderful microorganisms out there that are helping us out at vintage. And if you find yourself with a bit more alone time in the coming weeks you can get fermenting and pickling at home, and be inspired by a glass of riesling along the way. Because even in (relative) isolation we can still enjoy some of the good life.
Stay well folks...
Cheers, KT x
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