Celebrate the festive season with KT.. because we do love a party…

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Welcome to eKT
Summer has arrived (although it doesn’t really feel like it!) and in between bottling my new 2009 reds - Churinga Vineyard Shiraz and my first ever Churinga Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon - I’m preparing for vintage 2011.

If I’m totally honest, I’m really preparing for soaking up some rays on a beach somewhere before the harvest begins... but that’s a different preparation of sorts really!

The wet Spring we’ve enjoyed here in Watervale has meant that the vines have a lovely lush, healthy canopy and so fingers crossed Mother Nature will be kind to us for the rest of the growing season. With such a great framework in place, vintage 2011 looks like it could be a cracker. I’m really excited about now having eight different wines in my portfolio and the opportunity to be working with three fabulous vineyards and their custodians - Peglidis, Churinga and Bastian.

In celebration folks...
... of festive bibbing, for those of you looking for some fun bottles on the table for Christmas day - I’m offering a special 6 pack to fill your stockings!

christmas by KT is a special six pack
rizza by KT x 4 bottles + rosa by KT x 2 bottles

christmas by KT is a special six pack $111.00 + delivery.
For those keen for two of the special six packs
$222.00 including free delivery before the 17/12/2010

Over the festive season I’ll be catching up with all the people who’ve been my love and support, celebrating what’s been a wonderful year for wines by KT. Another year that’s made me think differently. Another vintage that’s produced weather conditions that have challenged me to create my wines in a way that best reflects the season and vineyard. I’ve learned so much and these nurtured new wine babies now have new labels as part of the creation too!

It’s been wonderful to meet all the friendly faces coming to see me at Morella in Watervale - you ‘re always welcome.. and to everyone who’s contacted me from around Australia - never underestimate how important it is for me to hear from you. I love the feedback!
Thanks so much to all of you for being a part of my life and supporting my wines. Wishing you all a safe and happy festive season... and a ripper vintage 2011!
KT xxx

Celebrate blooming Riesling and brooding 5452 releases with KT…

Posted by Kerri on October 26 2010 in: Bastian Vineyard: Churinga Vineyard: Peglidis Vineyard: Riesling: Specials & New Release Wines: Viticulture: Wine Education

Welcome to eKT

It’s been blooming Riesling here in Watervale for the last few weeks and with the welcome Spring sunshine comes the release of my new single vineyard Watervale Rieslings - Peglidis and Churinga.

Two places I love for wine growing.

I’m so excited to be celebrating these great patches of dirt with my wonderful grapegrowers Bunny and Yvonne Peglidis, as well as Dean and Heather Kyros from Churinga. New Churinga vineyard manager Leon Schram is also a welcome addition to the winegrowing team. My new labels represent a new start for wines by KT, with a focus on the special part of the world they are from. I’ve included navigational coordinates on the labels so you can plug them into Google Earth and be taken directly to where my grapes spend their time. So close - but I know you’ll be able to taste the difference.

Peglidis Vineyard – 33o56'36''S 138o38'09''E – was first planted to riesling in 1973. The vines are planted on chocolate-brown loam over limestone and are dry-grown. They are 450m abs and enjoy an easterly aspect.

Churinga Vineyard – 33o56'05''S 138o38'39''E – was first planted to riesling in 1954. The vines are planted on red loam mixed with slate and are dry grown. They are 457m abs and enjoy an easterly aspect.

I’m also here to tell you about another couple of new wine babies!
2010 Melva by KT - is my riesling inspired by more of a European style. Sourced from the Peglidis Vineyard and wild fermented in older French oak barrels, I’m attempting to create a wine with more slipperiness and texture. I’m sure Melva by KT makes your hips sway!

Now when it comes to red wine, for those of you who’ve been waiting patiently, 2009 5452 by KT has also been recently released and is my tempranillo, shiraz and grenache blend. The tempranillo is grown by some other great grapegrowing friends, John and Anne Bastian, from their Bastian vineyard in the Leasingham district. This is also the vineyard used to create my Rosa by KT.

The shiraz and grenache blended in 5452 by KT are both sourced from Churinga vineyard and the blend
shows brooding, swarthy dark fruit flavours with a skeleton of fine grained tannin holding them all together.

I hope you can come up to Watervale one day and taste them with me.
Look forward to seeing you soon and thanks so much for supporting me and my wines. Cheers, KT x

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