FEBRUARY 28th.. Last Friday of the Month luncheon with KT…

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Hiya Folks.. calling all friends of Riesling.. come to lunch with me this Friday 28th February.. Look forward to seeing you there.. Cheers, KT x

Summer of Riesling last days and Vintage 2014…

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Hiya Folks.. thanks to everyone who made it down to the Edinburgh Cellars tasting on Saturday.. and those who attended the masterclass with me also.. great day and great turn out.. wonderful to see some familiar faces.. I appreciate your support.
A reminder to those of you who are keen to celebrate the last day of Summer and of course the last day of Summer of Riesling to book a spot for the last Friday of the month luncheon at The Pot on King William Rd Hyde Park SA with me and special guest Bert Salomon from Salomon Wines in Austria. It will be a fantastic day with great food, some interesting wines and good fun people so get on down there!..

So the weather this season has certainly kept us on our toes but I'm so relieved to report that both Peglidis Vineyard and Churinga Vineyard have come out the other side of the rainfall in a very strong position. The vines and berries are both in good condition and is a testament to the great management on those sites.. I'm hoping to pick it all this week and so fingers crossed for fine weather for the rest of the week.

Watch this space for vintage news folks.. it's all about to start happening!.. Very excited.

Stay well.. Cheers, KT smile

Summer of Riesling…

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Hiya folks.. welcome to the Summer of Riesling.. it's so HOT!.. and lots of fun so get amongst it.. to help you along here's some dates for the diary so that you can share in all things Summer of Riesling with Wines by KT...

Saturday February 15th Edinburgh Cellars Summer of Riesling tasting. KT presenting on the panel.
Ring Ed Cellars for bookings.. (08)83732753
Friday February 28th Last Friday of the month luncheon at The Pot King William Rd Hyde Park with guest presenters KT of Wines by KT and Bert Salomon from Salomon Wines.
Ring The Pot for bookings.. (08)83732044

Summer of Riesling HQ including Wines by KT...
​'New World Restaurant' (Bottle and Beast)
11a Pyrmont Bridge Road, Pyrmont, NSW 2009
Phone 0402 268 423

See you amongst it.. 
Cheers, KT xx


eKT 17.. Rosa is in La Casa…

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SUMMER eKT 2013 
eKT 17 (rosa is in la casa)
Coming to you from the home of rosada & tempranillo...

My new friend and driver Antonio at one of the historical Osborne bulls near Jerez. Antonio was once a very famous toreador who travelled the world bull fighting. Any roadside alcohol advertising is banned in Spain except for Osborne bulls and the Tio Pepe sherry man. They make for impressive sights across the landscape.

Feliz Navidad amigos and hola from the home of tempranillo - fun filled Spain.
I’m writing this to you on a train travelling from Seville to Malaga after what’s been such an exciting week of wine and sherry tasting, bodega visits and more of the local delicacy jamon iberico than a girl cares to admit to eating. It’s been a great trip and one filled with new appreciation for wine and food (did I mention jamon?!) and of course all of the historical elements of architecture and design also. I’ve been reminded why my tinta label was modelled on the brightly coloured azuelo tiles that adorn walls and bars everywhere here in Spain. They’re a beautiful sight to behold.
The people and lifestyle make this such a warm and inviting destination and with the streets all a glow with the sparkle of Christmas lights it’s a wonderful time of year to visit.
Here in Spain they drink more Rosada than anywhere else in the world and with their warm climate, these drier savoury styles of rosa make for a perfect refreshment. Whilst it’s not so much Rosada weather over here right now, it is of course back at home and so for those of you keen for those last minute Christmas purchases my 2013 rosa by KT (made from tempranillo and garnacha) is exactly one of those drier savoury styles ready for the festive table.

KT visit to Gonzalez Byass makers of Tio Pepe fino.

For a KT taste of Spain, whether it be 2013 rosa or 2012 tinta, or any other Christmas drink requirements, head to
www. winesbykt. com.
So it’s now off to riesling country, where I’m heading to Vienna and the Wachau. In my world Riesling is celebrated in all seasons.
Thanks everyone once again for your valued support this year. I wish you and your families a safe and happy festive season filled with great spirit.
Saludos. .
Cheers, KT x

Love from Seville…

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Hola amigos.. sending love from Seville.. where we're living on jamon and tempranillo.. churros and hot chocolate.. bar hopping for tapas all day.. they certainly know how to enjoy themselves here.. and I'm certainly enjoying the new tempranillo of all different shapes and styles upon my travels.. the Spaniards are looking after us.. 

Cheers, KT