A busy weekend at Churinga Vineyard…

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Hiya folks.. Churinga Vineyard tasting table had its biggest group over the weekend with 35 winegrowers from the Stanthorpe region of QLD on Sunday.. local David Wilson of Clare Valley tours delivered everyone by coach and we had a lovely morning in the sunshine on top of the hill at Churinga tasting my wines. Thanks everyone for coming along and supporting my wines.. do hope you enjoyed your time in Watervale.

As we now progress into the next phase of the season, the vineyard is getting ready for dormancy and all the activity happens underground. We're in the process of deep ripping and seeding cover crops and doing as much as we can to give back to the earth. It's all about good dirt! In the winery we've been busy getting all of the new Riesling wines racked post fermentation and all the reds to barrel for malo lactic fermentation.. I say "we" as I've had lots of helpers this vintage as baby gets bigger and my ability to drag hoses is a little more reduced! 

For those of you heading up to the Clare Valley for the Gourmet Weekend celebration I won't be open for tastings this time but certainly recommend that you attend the exciting dinner planned at Skillogalee Wines.. Nicola and the Palmer family are always great hosts.

Have fun all.. Cheers, KT x

Recent Media…

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Hiya folks.. has anyone been reading the latest Gourmet Traveller Magazine?.. or perhaps the Weekend Australian wine column?.. if you have you would've seen some support from wine writer Max Allen for my pazza Riesling and the Adelaide Food and Wine festival event Sips in the Sticks.. here's a couple of shots from the articles themselves...it's lovely to have the support.

Those delicious disqulified gem cakes were my Sips in the Sticks entry from last year!..

Gourmet Traveller Food Magazine Top Wines listing my 2013 Pazza... there's also some delicious recipes included in the latest magazine so more excuse to grab a copy!

Cheers, KT x

Easter Tasting Table at Churinga…

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Hiya folks.. do hope you all had a lovely Easter break.. we managed to basket press the last of the grapes and finish the last of the ferments so am very excited to say that Vintage 2014 is now IN THE BAG!.. thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way.. I couldn't have completed it as successfully without you..

A big thanks to Team Stead from Sydney who spent some time with me yesterday at Churinga Vineyard and tasted through all of the new 2012 red releases.. a lovely day for it as you can see from the photo..

This time the KT roving tasting table was on the back of the Churinga Vineyard truck.. for those of you keen to take up a tasting opportunity when next you're swinging through Watervale you are most welcome. To coordinate please email me kt@winesbykt.com 
A reminder that for those of you interested in my special offer as part of the 2012 red release you have until the end of April to complete your orders. Send me an email for details.

Stay well.. Cheers, KT x

Sips in the Sticks 2014…

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Hiya folks... on Sunday I was privileged to be a part of the second Adelaide Food and Wine Festival Event - Sips in the Sticks. A luncheon celebration held at the Bellwether Wines Glen Roy shearing shed in the Coonawarra and hosted by our great friend Max Allen (Weekend Australian wine writer). It was a fabulous day and one where we celebrated women in the local community, women wine growers, cooking and sharing food with friends. The local Afghan women from the migrant community were invited to delight us with their culinary expertise and then each winemaker had to contribute a dessert for the day. I was amongst great wine friends from Bellwether, Battle of Bosworth, Bremerton Wines, Yalumba, Cape Jaffa, Chalmers Wines, Ducks in a Row and Goodman. We each showed a wine off with a course and spoke about how we've been influenced by migration within our own lives. Of course with growers like Bunny Peglidis and the Kyros family I had to make something from Greece and so I submitted a Karydopita - a traditional Greek walnut cake often eaten around Easter for the dessert competition. 
The day was a great reminder to us that collaboration within our communities is vital for success and with great discussions from Senator Penny Wong and Leon Bignell (Tourism, Sport and Agriculture Minister SA) we enjoyed a great day of wine and food amongst friends. 
For those of you keen to try some of the wines from the day we made available a mixed dozen from the Sips in the Sticks collaborators. Within the mixed dozen you will find wines such as a sparkling from Delamere Wines, a Vermentino from Chalmers Wines and also Bellwether wines, a Riesling from Yalumba and my own KT Churinga Riesling, a Pinot from Goodman Wines, a Shiraz from Battle of Bosworth and also Cape Jaffa, a Malbec from Bremerton and a couple of Cabernet from Bellwether also. A great buy for $300.00 and to purchase you can email me on kt@winesbykt.com 
Here are some photos from the day.. remember to buy tickets for next years event!

The winegrowers from the day... KT, Louise Hemsley-Smith (Battle of Bosworth), Anna Hooper (Cape Jaffa), Louisa Rose (Yalumba), Kim Chalmers (Chalmers Wines), Kate Goodman (Goodman Wines), Amanda Pritchard (Ducks in a Row), Sue Bell (our host from Bellwether Wines and the Glen Roy Shearing Shed) and Bec Wilson (Bremerton Wines).

Max Allen and Sue Bell

Myself and Louisa Rose talking all things Riesling...

Senator Penny Wong with the Afghan community and fabulous lunch providers...

The fabulous dessert table.. my Karydopita is the walnut sprinkled cake to the bottom right of the table.. happy to say that I was the third place recipient.. very exciting.. deserved winner was Anna Hooper's South African milk tart with her green figs on the bottom left.

A great day all round and thanks to everyone for making it so.

Cheers, KT x

eKT 18 - New deliveries…

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G’day folks...
From the photo you’ll realise that I’m making something other than wine this vintage! To those of you who had queried whether my change in shape was due to over-indulgence on my recent trip to Spain, I have forgiven you. It will be the best thing I’ll make this harvest for sure. Our baby is due at the end of May. As you can imagine, vintage cellar work has been slightly slower than usual but I can report that currently all reds are harvested with Grenache the last in and all Riesling is happily fermenting away in both tank and barrels – in fact some are already through fermentation.After a season of extreme weather differences, it’s been a vintage where our viticultural balance and careful canopy management, our diligent hand selection and gentle winery processing has all been so important.The extra effort and cost has certainly paid off – my wines are full of flavour and I look forward to delivering them to you in the
When it comes to seasons though, my favourite of all in the Clare Valley is Autumn. It has all the excitement of harvest, new vinous beginnings and the beautiful sunny days with crisp clear mornings are perfect for ripening.The start of Autumn also heralds the release of my new Churinga Vineyard red wines and this time they’re from the exciting 2012 vintage:

​Churinga Vineyard Shiraz
Churinga Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon
5452 by KT

We were spoilt in 2012 with a strong and healthy season and so it is with much excitement that I release these reds to you.After making the qualitative decision to not release any individual vineyard 2011 reds due to the challenging, wet season, this 2012 release is even more important to me. These wines are only celebrated when the vintage is of high quality and the 2012’s are a strong follow on from the popular 2010’s.They are full of richness and a solid structural backbone which will make them long-lived in the cellar.

To make some room for these new wines in the warehouse, I have a special offer I’d like to make available to you all. Upon purchase of a six pack of each of the new 2012 reds, I will also send you a six pack of my Pazzo red blend free of charge. Perfect for the cooler months approaching.Any purchases through the website of 1.5 doz or more of these new reds will receive this offer for the month of April.
So for all cellar stocking please visit my website www.winesbykt.com or email me kt@winesbykt.com and I will be happy to help.
For those of you coming to Clare for the Easter long weekend and interested in a tasting appointment you’re welcome to make a booking by sending me an email. Look forward to seeing you. Happy Easter.

Cheers, KT x