2011 Riesling: Proud to introduce my fifth vintage release…

Posted by Kerri on August 30 2011 in: Churinga Vineyard: Peglidis Vineyard: Riesling: Specials & New Release Wines: Stockists: Vintage 2011: Wine Education

Welcome to eKT
I’m so excited to say that vintage 2011 represents my fifth successive Riesling release for wines by KT and after a season that was a true test of character and judgement, I couldn’t be happier about my new wine babies in bottle. I’m really looking forward to travelling the countryside showing them to you this year.

One of the most fragile times during the winemaking creation is the bottling process. I nurture them during the harvest time, watch around the clock throughout their fermentation and cover them with inert gas at filtration and transfers. I taste and retaste - go home and return to taste again.. just to make sure they’re looking as I’d hoped. I lie awake at night thinking about how my tanks of deliciously delicate Riesling will evolve and grow leading up to their release date. I really love it but it totally stresses me out.

At bottling time my wines suddenly leave their stable home in tank and I transport them on the Churinga truck down the road to the line in Auburn, where I can guide them through. There’s no turning back. The hard work has been done and the proof is in the bottle. I’m chuffed to say that after all of the hard work, my wines this year are full of the mouthwatering juicy acidity and freshness that my Watervale vineyards are renowned for. We love being five years old...

For those of you keen to taste my three new Riesling releases - Peglidis Vineyard, Churinga Vineyard and melva by KT there will be many opportunities with tastings and dinners being organised across the country this year.
I’ll be keeping you posted.

For those of you who can’t wait, the wines are now available and for mailing list customers orders of a dozen or more are freight free until the end of September.

After happily dragging my wine trolley up and down the streets of Sydney, I’ve recently returned from a really successful promotional visit. I’m proud to say that you can enjoy my wines in some fabulous restaurants and wine bars over there.
Those of you who braved the elements to get down to see me at Cremorne Cellars should be congratulated and a really big thanks to Ron and Ann-Marie Phillips, the newly married Harrisons, Anthony Krithinakis and Justin McDonald for coming along to see me at Five Way Cellars in Paddington.
Yours and of course everyones support is really appreciated.
Look forward to seeing you sometime.
Cheers, KT xx
PS - my new website page is finally up...and is clearly still work in progress.